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Western Wildlife Corridor’s mission is to protect the scenic beauty and natural resources of the Ohio River Valley through direct land protection and through the promotion of responsible land use. Green space enhances the quality of life for people in the community by helping to remove pollutants from the air and water as well as increasing property values of land near green belts. To fulfill our mission, WWC has worked since 1992 to preserve and restore the greenway corridor of wooded hillsides along the Ohio River from the Mill Creek near downtown Cincinnati to the Great Miami River bordering Indiana.

The Journey to Protect Delshire Preserve

In the late 1960s, the Delhi subdivision of Delshire was created, consisting of 33 homes and surrounded by 17 acres of greenspace with steep ravines and terrain too difficult to build upon. The builder, foreseeing buyers’ attraction to homes surrounded by undeveloped greenspace, had the greenspace specifically zoned for park and recreational use, and later donated the land to a local recreation facility, with the intent that the property be kept untouched.


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The Story Behind a Delhi Conservation Easement

A little bit of heaven. That’s how a Delhi resident refers to her home of the last 30 years. And, thanks to a conservation easement agreement with the Western Wildlife Corridor, her 18 acres overlooking the Ohio River and Kentucky will remain a “little bit of heaven” forever.

Purchased in 1946 by her husband, the couple moved into the single-family home on the property. It had been utilized as a farm by the previous owner, but once it was no longer being planted, the land began to revert back to its natural state, complete with an abundance of wildflowers and wild animals such as deer and turkeys. Maintaining the land kept the couple busy, but they loved every minute of it. Over time, the surrounding neighborhood has seen much expansion, but the only development on this cherished property has been the growth of Mother Nature herself.


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