Western Wildlife Corridor monitoring hike

The weather is going to be beautiful, so I hope you can join us for a hike this Saturday (January 19) on Bender Mt. This will be a little different from our usual hike. Since it’s pretty chilly in the morning now, we’re going to try an afternoon hike.

Since we started our all out war on vine honeysuckle last summer, we’ve eliminated 90 to 95% of it from the mountain. However, there are some remnants hiding out there. Saturday I plan on taking a few squirters to treat them as we hike by (not cutting, we’ll just spray the leaves).

We’ll meet at the WWC sign on the east side of Bender Road a quarter mile up from Hillside Ave. at 2pm and hike for an hour or two. I plan on hiking to the top of the mt., so it will be strenuous. The up side is that we’ll see a really splendid forest and great view.
Please call me at 513 922 2104 for additional information.