Protecting and Preserving the Ohio River Corridor


Spring & Summer 2016



Catch us this summer at Sayler Park Sustains and Paddlefest!






Habitat restoration and trail work

Saturday, May 28,  9am to noon

Habitat restoration at Whitetail Woods and Black Walnut Gorge

Leaders: John 513.941.4877 and Gary 513.941.5414




Saturday, June 11, 9 am to noon

Habitat restoration at Shady Lane

Leaders: Tim 513.922.2104 and Robert 859.572.9661




Why habitat restoration? Many times the biggest threat to our preserves is invasion by alien plant species. Plants such as Amur (or bush) honeysuckle, euonymus and garlic mustard can produce such a dense cover of foliage that native plants cannot survive. We’ve been told that Amur honeysuckle even secretes a toxin that kills native plants!

When we restore the habitat in one of our preserves, we remove these invasive alien plants so that native plants and animals can thrive.


In addition, one or more of us usually winds up going to a preserve a couple of mornings during the week to take a walk and while they are there, they just can’t help whacking some honeysuckle. If you would like to join one of these walks, please call (513.922.2104) or email Tim Sisson and he’ll let you know when and where to meet.

For more information visit the Volunteer opportunities page.