Protecting and Preserving the Ohio River Corridor


In order to continue the good work of the Western Wildlife Corridor, your membership and support is crucial. Please print, then fill out the following form and mail it to the Western Wildlife Corridor along with your tax-deductible contribution today. By becoming a member of the Western Wildlife Corridor, you can help us preserve and protect our wooded hillsides and greenspace.

Please send completed form to:

Western Wildlife Corridor, Inc.
PO Box 389077
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238


Name _____________________________________

Address ______________________________________

City______________________ State _____ Zip ______

Phone Number________________________

E-mail Address________________________

____Individual $20          ____Family $30          ____Organization $50

____Supporting $75          ____Patron $100          ____Sponsoring $500

____Guardian $________ per month

____Other Donation $_______

May we contact you for active support?
____Yes   _____No

____ I might consider donating land or a conservation easement for the land in the Western Wildlife Corridor area or I know someone else who might consider this.