Protecting and Preserving the Ohio River Corridor

Krogers Community Rewards benefits WW...

Krogers Community Rewards benefits WWC with no cost to you!
We invite you to enroll in the Krogers Community Rewards program. It benefits Western Wildlife Corridor and costs you nothing. During the last year, WWC got over $700 from this. To re-enroll go to sign in click on enroll now enter 80442 and follow instructions If you do not now participate in the p [...]

Calling All Members – Our New K...

Calling All Members – Our New Kirby Nature Center Needs You!
In the spirit of “Green Living” we have decided to recycle, reuse and rehab the house on the New Kirby Nature Preserve to be repurposed as the Kirby Nature Center.  This represents an exciting new era for the WWC. The Nature Center will be our first ever home office and the hub of our activities and future events. We are in the [...]

New Finds-Critters of the Corridor

New Finds-Critters of the Corridor
The hard work of WWC volunteers doesn’t end with the good weather.  OUR continuing habitat and trail rehabilitation projects sometimes provide a wonderful woodland discovery…..Our President Tim Sisson recently found these cool signs of critters in the corridor and reports one very lucky find……. “John Klein found [...]

How you Can help Preserve and Protect...

How you Can help Preserve and Protect the Wonderful Western Wildlife Corridor
Hi friends of the WWC.  We recently rolled out a donor page so you can see the ways you can help us protect the beauty of the Western Corridor of the Ohio River. Donor Page link:

Great News! Become a Member using Pay...

Great News! Become a Member using PayPal
Hello friends of the Western Wildlife Corridor, You can now become a member, or make a donation, quickly and easily on our new live membership page using PayPal.  Just click our membership tab and you can join us right now. We would love to have you as a member to help us in our mission to prot [...]

Did you see the WWC story on channel ...

Did you see the WWC story on channel 12 news today?
Did you see the WWC story on channel 12 news today?Dr. Denis Conover (UC biologist) and Tim Sisson (WWC President) spoke to reporter Josh Knight about the negative impact non-native species have in our area. Highlighted was the great work WWC is doing to eradicate non natives like honeysuckle and garlic mustard to re-establish native wildflow [...]

Great news, Bender Mountain praised a...

Great news, Bender Mountain praised as best place in Cincinnati to view native wildflowers!
Read All About it! Local native plant expert, UC Professor Denis Conover wrote an article singing the praises of Western Wildlife Corridor’s Bender Mountain. “I’m doing my best to get the word out about invasive plants and the great work being done on Bender Mountain”. – Denis Conover ____________________________ [...]

Critters of the Corridor…

Critters of the Corridor…
Our President Tim Sisson reports on recent sightings: The fawn was spotted by our group at Whitetail Woods on Saturday. Thanks Tom for the great picture. I saw this raccoon near the ridge trail on Bender Mountain on Monday. There were two babies that were squalling in the brush. They were looking for Mom. When they saw me they rushed up and [...]

Nature Candid Camera

Nature Candid Camera
Our new nature candid camera at the Buckeye trace property caught this deer reacting to our camera like …well, a deer in the head lights..