Protecting and Preserving the Ohio River Corridor

Pontius Road Conservation Easement

Property Description;

State; Ohio
County; Hamilton
Locality; Delhi Township

Bound by Pontius Road and Story Woods Park on the North, and private property on the east, west and south.

**39° 06′ 24.56 “N 84° 39′ 47.90″W

Terrain & Features;

Area; 18.13 Acres privately owned.Property protected by Western Wildlife Corridor by means of documented conservation easement.

Terrain; Hilly with multiple small creek valleys. Grade variation from ** 660′ – 826′ above sea level

Flora & Fauna; Primarily Deciduous growth, Deer are a common sight on the property.


Because the property is owned by a private owner, general access to the site is not allowed.



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